Ebia - (6 релизов) - 2006-2012, (Spacesynth, Ambient), MP3 (MPEG1 Layer 3), 192/320 kbps

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Elosophy / Star Voyager / Wavedancer
Hunter Of Worlds / Space Explorer
Mission Control
Жанр: Spacesynth, Ambient
Страна: Германия
Год выпуска: 2006-2012
Контейнер: MP3
Битрейт аудио: 192/320 kbps
Продолжительность: 6:45:51

2006-Elosophy (1:06:28) (320 kbps)

1.Elosophy (Part 1) (8:19)
2.Elosophy (Part 2) (6:06)
3.Eternity (8:53)
4.E-Motion (6:52)
5.Electron (7:55)
6.Emage (11:40)
7.Etopia (9:08)
8.Equalizer (7:35)-Label: SynGate Records
Catalog#: CD-R 2107
Composed By, Performer – J. Bialinska
Design [Cover] – Lothar Lubitz
Photography By – Andreas Vogel
Producer – ebia music
Elosophy is a superb musical sculpture, mould on strange atmospheres, creamy and wrapping synth, heteroclite pulsations and percussions to varied tonalities. In short, an attractive album, far from the sequences movements of the Berlin School. Here the rhythm is imaginary. He is shape on rotary motions, at the same time contradictory, but always harmonious. It is a long atmospheric voyage. An opus curiously beautiful where Ebia multiplies the stagnant impulsions which form narrow circles, where everything turns in a harmonious circular movements. An attractive title, which amaze by its subtle permutations and its unforeseeable impulsions. An album difficult to describe, so much the musical flora is dense.

2006-Star Voyager (1:05:33) (320 kbps)

1.Star Voyager (13:02)
2.Gravitation (7:04)
3.Supernova (V838 Monocerotis) (7:14)
4.Pulsar (9:36)
5.Asteroids (6:52)
6.Green Planet (13:59)
7.Galactic Dream (7:46)-Label: SynGate Records
Catalog#: CD-R 2108
Splendid EM with a staggering space climate surrounded of heavy and powerful sequencers. A sidereal wind pushes a distress message whose transmission is muddled by the waves of a bad reception. The cracklings of the static voices cease and from this icy silence a sequence with circular and cold notes emerges. The caresses of the synth veils alleviate Star Voyager placid environment, whereas a second sequence, rounder and cordial, infiltrates on waves of percussions which break in sequence bearing; like Caesar In Camerun, a Clara Mondshine classic. Percussions and tablas launch Star Voyager rhythmic structure. A minimalist one that break in background, whereas the synth pushes long solos with beautiful harmonies stopped by hooking chorus. A synth which, on each lap, increases his tempo and intensity on superb layers which are coiled with tenderness and emotion, stifling almost all static parasites which are the only proofs of life.
Ebia’s Star Voyager is among beautiful album we discovered lately. A little master piece, full of rhythms, stunning sounds effects, amazing turn over on seizing synths. Jörg Bialinska reminds us of Gert Emmens with it’s dynamic and melodic EM, except Ebia is much more explosive. Blow by blow, he released 2 solids opus which mix harmony to complex musical structures.

2008-Wavedancer (1:10:38) (320 kbps)

1.H3O (10:39)
2.Halo (6:43)
3.Mare Imbrium (11:52)
4.Wavedancer (12:18)
5.Elements RMX (7:01)
6.Deep Quest (10:59)
7.Flight To 987 (11:06)-Label: SynGate Records
Catalog#: CD-R 2133
Composed By, Performer, Producer – J. Bialinska
Design [Cover Design] – Christian Seipp, Lothar Lubitz

2009-Hunter Of Worlds (1:07:26) (320 kbps)

1.Galactic Quest (6:13)
2.Hunter Of Worlds (6:17)
3.Passing Tripoint Station (6:16)
4.Solar Eclipse (Dub Mix) (7:19)
5.Voyager In Nights (6:19)
6.Invader (6:52)
7.Brothers Of Earth (5:54)
8.Cosmic Flight (Remix) (6:06)
9.Gates Of Chaos (7:25)
10.Faded Sun (8:45)-Label: SynGate Records
Catalog#: CD-R 2145
Artwork By – Alan Gutierrez
Artwork By [Cover Design] – Lothar Lubitz
Composed By, Performer – J. Bialinska
Producer – Ebia Music

2010-Space Explorer (1:04:55) (192 kbps)

1.Space Explorer (13:00)
2.Spirit Of Mars (10:00)
3.Sounds From Saturn (12:12)
4.Silent Moon (10:00)
5.Space Race (4:44)
6.See You, Voyager (14:59)-Label: SynGate Records
Catalog#: CD-R 2184
Artwork By – Thierry Moreau
Artwork By [Cover Design] – Lothar Lubitz
Composed By, Performer – J. Bialinska
Producer – J. Bialinska

2012-Mission Control (1:10:51) (320 kbps)

1.Mission Cotrol (8:22)
2.Drifting (8:09)
3.Hyperspace (9:06)
4.Moonrise (7:06)
5.Planet Hunter (7:17)
6.Back To Earth (6:39)
7.Clear Sky (7:56)
8.Solar Reflections (10:26)
9.Down Under Night Sky (5:50)-Label: SynGate Records
Catalog#: CD-R EM06
Composed By – Jörg Bialinska (tracks: 1-9)
Design [Cover] – Lothar Lubitz

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