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JetBrains RubyMine 2019.2.4 Год выпуска: 2019
Версия: 2019.2.4
Адрес оф. сайта: ссылка
Язык интерфейса: Английский
Лечение: Присутствует
Системные требования:
Операционная система: Windows 7 SP1 и выше (x64 только)
Оперативная память: 2 GB RAM (8 GB рекомендуется)
Дисковое пространство: 3.5 GB для установки и кэша (5 GB рекомендуется)
- Описание:
RubyMine – умная и удобная интегрированная среда разработки для языка Ruby и веб-фреймворка Rails,
которая включает в себя все необходимые разработчику инструменты и поддерживает наиболее востребованные технологии из мира Ruby.

Основные возможности:

RubyMine – the Best IDE for…
Ruby Development
JetBrains RubyMine IDE includes a comprehensive Ruby code editor aware of dynamic language specifics. It provides smart coding assistance, intelligent code refactoring, and deep code analysis capabilities. With easy project configuration, automatic Ruby Gems management, Rake support, and built-in consoles, it has everything a Ruby developer needs in a development environment.
Ruby on Rails
RubyMine brings dedicated RoR features including project structure views, quick Model-View-Controller navigation options, Rails-specific code completion, intention actions, and automated refactorings. All this, plus best-of-breed support for ERB, HAML and Slim editing, coupled with advanced web development tools and a built-in Rails console, is the best recipe for producing cutting-edge Web applications.
JavaScript & HTML/CSS
Speed and efficiency are guaranteed for your client-side and server-side development in JavaScript, CoffeeScript, TypeScript, HTML, CSS, Less or Sass, as RubyMine provides best-in-class coding assistance and a wide range of advanced features. Node.js, Dart, AngularJS and JavaScript testing frameworks are supported via free plugins. Enhance and streamline your debugging experience without leaving the IDE, thanks to JavaScript and Node.js debugging tools.
Keep Your Code in Shape with…
Code Analysis & Refactorings
Let your IDE take care of your code. Smart, type-aware code completion, intelligent code inspections, live templates and intention actions all work together to help you code faster and fail-proof. Refactor your Ruby code the intelligent, language specific-aware way, with safe Rename and Delete, Extract Method, Introduce Variable, Inline Variable or Method, and more refactorings.
The value of testing should not be underestimated. Like writing code, unit-testing becomes second nature with RubyMine‘s flexible, well-thought-out RSpec, Cucumber, Shoulda, MiniTest and Test::Unit integration. Write tests quickly thanks to intelligent code completion and navigation, and easily run tests and analyze their results with a graphical UI.
Multiple Integrated Tools
Git, Subversion, Mercurial, Perforce, and CVS: RubyMine knows most common version control systems and SCMs and provides a unified UI for all of them. Easily configure automatic deployment via FTP or SFTP, and manage your infrastructure with Vagrant, Capistrano, Chef, and/or Puppet. Utilise database tools including a full-featured database editor and SQL support.
A Powerful Debugger
Fine-tuning application code is an essential step in every software project. RubyMine‘s Ruby debugger inherits all the best from the proven IntelliJ IDEA Java/JSP debugger while focusing on the needs of Ruby and Rails developers. It allows breakpoints in Ruby, ERB and JavaScript code, and provides highly informative views like Console, Variables, Frames and Watches.

Нововведения в 2019.2 версии:

RubyMine 2019.2 adds support for Rails 6 and Ruby 2.7, improves YARD support and the debugger, and incorporates many platform improvements. Check out all the new things below and update today. We also encourage you to let us know of any issues and join the RubyMine Slack!
Faster debugger
Our debugger used TracePoint :line to trace the program execution line by line. For v2019.2, we have designed a native extension for MRI that lets the debugger choose at which fragments of code the execution should be suspended, and free the rest of the code from overhead. As a result, we've been able to dramatically speed up the debugger and implement the new features below.
Smart Step Into
Previously, if you stumbled across a line with lots of methods in a debug session, RubyMine was only capable to step into the first method in a line. The newly added Smart Step Into lifts this restraint and allows you to step into and investigate every particular method or a block call located on the same line.
Block breakpoints
With the new version you can set breakpoints not only at lines but also at blocks. When you click the left gutter to set a breakpoint at a line that contains a block, RubyMine will ask if you want to set a breakpoint at a line, block, or both.
Ruby 2.7
Pattern Matching
RubyMine 2019.2 supports Pattern Matching, which was introduced in the first preview of Ruby 2.7 as an experimental feature. The IDE identifies the new syntax and helps you navigate, find usages, and rename the objects.
Numbered block parameters
The new version of RubyMine recognizes the syntax of numbered parameters and shows/finds their usages. This is one more experimental feature of Ruby 2.7 which allows you to assign values in blocks using a parameter number as a default parameter, instead of defining a block variable.
Rails 6
Action Mailbox
RubyMine 2019.2 supports Action Mailbox which will ship with Rails 6. The IDE suggests autocompleting routing methods and callbacks, and navigates between their implementations and usages.
We’ve also added a couple of inspections that let you know if you’ve forgotten to add a routing call in ApplicationMailbox and a process method in your mailbox. The latter also offers a quick-fix.
Enum support
We've added proper code insight support for ActiveRecord::Enum. This includes code autocompletion, navigation, and finding usages for enums’ names and methods. Negative scopes for enums, introduced in Rails 6, are supported as well.
Improved YARD support
We’re gradually improving our support for YARD to help you create and manage YARD tags, and get better code autocompletion in RubyMine based on YARD annotations. The new version adds proper type annotation and inspections for @overload and @yieldparam tags.
Factory Bot
Rename factories
With v2019.2 you can rename (Shift+F6) factories, sequences, and traits. The IDE finds their definitions and suggests renaming it and all usages, as well as the file name if it matches the factory name.
We've also added factories, sequences, and traits to the File Structure view (Cmd/Alt+F7) and popup (Cmd/Ctrl + F12), and added the ability to safely delete them (Refactor | Safe Delete).
New intention actions
The new Propagate to destructuring intention (Alt-Enter) allows you to replace an extra variable if possible with another destructuring. To remove a destructuring completely, use the intention action called Replace destructuring with property or index access.
Improved Rename refactoring
When you rename a symbol in a JavaScript or TypeScript file, the IDE now groups together dynamic usages and, by default, excludes them from the refactoring. This makes the refactoring more accurate and gives you more control over what exactly should be renamed in the Refactoring Preview tool window.
Better support for Vue.js component libraries
Code completion for components and their props from Vuetify, BootstrapVue, Quasar, and some other Vue component libraries is now more precise. This was made possible by a new approach we’ve adopted to working with these libraries in the IDE.
Searching for duplicate code
The new Duplicate code fragment inspection checks your code on the fly and immediately highlights potential duplicates in the editor. It works for JavaScript, TypeScript, CSS, Sass, SCSS, and Less.
Code style
Improved EditorConfig support
With v2019.2 you can maintain different code styles in different parts of your projects by adding multiple .editorconfig files. In addition to the standard EditorConfig options, which have been supported for a long time, you can now use IDE-specific properties that cover all available IDE code style options.
Shell scripts
Edit Shell scripts
The new version adds support for shell scripts. This includes code completion, quick documentation, textual rename for .sh and .bash files, and run configurations for shell scripts. The IDE also integrates with ShellCheck for linting and shfmt for formatting the code.
Autocompletion in .gitignore
In .gitignore files, the IDE now offers code completion suggestions for files and folders. Cmd/Ctrl-click on the name to jump to this file or folder in the Project tool window. You can also quickly add files to .gitignore from the Project view and Local Changes tab – right-click on it and select Add to .gitignore.
Database tools
Find data with Full-text Search
Now you can search for data in your databases even if you don’t know where it is located. Right-click the data source that you want to search through and select Full-text Search (Ctrl+Alt+Shift+F / Cmd+Alt+Shift+F). The results of your query will be filtered to show only those strings in which the data is found.

Процедура лечения:

1. Установите программу;
2. Разместите файл jetbrains-agent.jar в любой удобной для вас папке;
3. Активируйте триальный период:
- Запустите приложение
- В окне активации выберите пункт "Evaluate for free"
- Нажмите кнопку "Evaluate" для получения лицензии на 30 дней;
4. Подключите файл jetbrains-agent.jar в параметрах JVM:
* В окне приветствия -> "Configure" -> "Edit Custom VM Options..."
* В открытом проекте -> "Help" -> "Edit Custom VM Options...", согласитесь на создание файла
В конец открывшегося конфигурационного файла добавьте строчку -javaagent:Абсолютный\Путь\До\Файла\jetbrains-agent.jar;
5. Перезапустите IDE, чтобы пересчитались параметры JVM;
6. Активируйте постоянную лицензию:
* В окне приветствия -> "Configure" -> "Manage License..."
* В открытом проекте -> "Help" -> "Register..."
а) Способ с сервером лицензирования (при работающем интернете):
- Выберите способ "License server"
- Нажмите "Discover server" для автоподстановки адреса, либо введите в поле адреса http://jetbrains-license-server
б) Офлайн способ с кодом активации (если доступа в интернет нет):
- Выберите способ "Activation Code"
- Скопируйте код из файла ACTIVATION_CODE.txt и вставьте в соответствующее поле
Нажмите кнопку "Activate" для применения выбранного типа лицензирования.
PS в файле hosts не должно быть записей для доменов JetBrains, иначе может не сработать лечение

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