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JetBrains CLion 2019.2.5 Год выпуска: 2019
Версия: 2019.2.5
Адрес оф. сайта: ссылка
Язык интерфейса: Английский
Лечение: Присутствует)
Системные требования:
Операционная система: Windows 7 SP1 и выше (x64 только)
Оперативная память: 2 GB RAM (8 GB рекомендуется)
Дисковое пространство: 3.5 GB для установки и кэша (5 GB рекомендуется)
- Описание:
CLion — умная IDE, предназначенная для разработки на С и С++ на платформах Linux, Windows и macOS.
Включает в себя поддержку системы сборки кросс-платформенных проектов CMake, Gradle C++ и compilation database, возможности анализа кода на лету,
разнообразные рефакторинги и унифицированный интерфейс для работы с самыми популярными системами контроля версий.

Основные возможности:

Intelligent coding assistance
Trust CLion to take care of the routine while you focus on the important things. Knowing your code through and through, it can boost your productivity with smart and relevant code completion, instant navigation and reliable refactorings.
Easy start
It’s surprisingly easy to start a new project in CLion, and files can be added to the project in one click. CLion works with CMake, Gradle and compilation database project models. If you use a different type of project, the IDE will help you import to CMake.
Smart editor
With an IDE that analyzes the context and understands your project, you can code faster than you think. Try smart completion, formatting and helpful views with code insight.
Navigation & Search
Find your way through the code with instant navigation to a symbol, class or file. Inspect the calls or types hierarchy and easily search everywhere for nearly everything (including IDE settings).
Code generation & refactorings
Save time on unnecessary typing while CLion generates code for you: from getters/setters to more complicated templates. Use refactorings to improve and clean up your code at the speed of thought.
On-the-fly code analysis
Write beautiful and correct code with CLion. Static analysis (including DFA) for all supported languages highlights warnings and errors in the code immediately as you type and suggests quick-fixes.
Editor customization
Select one of the default editor themes or customize them to match your personal preferences. Adopt the keyboard-centric approach and select a keymap you prefer the most, or create your own easily.
Built-in tools and integrations
CLion is more than just an editor as it offers a powerful debugger and dynamic analysis tools to investigate and solve problems with ease, built-in Google Test, Boost.Test and Catch for unit testing, many popular VCS supported out of the box and more.
Run and Debug
Build, Run and Debug your application and unit tests locally or remotely in CLion.
Use the debugger UI with GDB or LLDB as a backend.
Dynamic analysis
Use Valgrind Memcheck and Google Sanitizers integration to detect memory errors, data races and undefined behaviour issues. Analyze the performance of your application with the CPU Profiler integration.
CMake support
CMake is a famous cross-platform build system, widely used for C and C++ projects. Benefit from the CLion’s smart CMake support with code generation, completion and automatic target updates.
Unit testing
CLion supports the Google Test, Boost.Test and Catch frameworks and provides a built-in test runner together with a powerful UI to investigate test results. It can even generate code for you as you write tests (for Google Test).
Code documentation
With CLion keep your code documented with ease. Preview the Doxygen-styled docs in the Quick Documentation pop-up, use completion for commands and function parameters, and generate stubs for Doxygen comments.
Embedded Development
Develop for microcontrollers in CLion and benefit from various on-chip debugging options, Peripheral View for ARM devices, and STM32CubeMX integration.
VCS integration and local history
CLion provides a unified interface for most popular VCS including Subversion, Git, GitHub, Mercurial, CVS, Perforce, and TFS. Meanwhile, local history will save you from unexpected accidents.
Terminal, Vim mode, Databases and others
Access the command line through the built-in terminal, switch on Vim-emulation mode together with the Vim key bindings, or expand the IDE’s functionality with other various plugins.
Many languages—one IDE
CLion is designed for native cross-platform development in C and C++, as well as Kotlin/Native, Rust and Swift. It also provides essential support for CMake language, Python, popular web technologies (like JavaScript, XML, HTML, Markdown and others), and this also includes support for all the other languages that are available through bundled and repository plugins.

Нововведения в 2019.2 версии:

Embedded Development
On-Chip debugging with GDB Server
If it’s possible to debug on the microcontroller of your choice with a GDB Server, you can now do it from CLion using a special Embedded GDB Server Run/Debug configuration. It covers OpenOCD, ST-Link GDB Servers, Segger J-Link GDB Server, QEMU, and many other specific GDB Servers.
Create a configuration, providing a path to GDB Server, arguments to run the server, and other appropriate settings, and you are all set and ready to debug on-chip from CLion!
Peripheral View for ARM Devices
When debugging on-chip, it’s crucial to have the ability to view the peripherals. In CLion, this view is now available for two types of Run/Debug configurations: Embedded GDB Server and OpenOCD Download & Run. In both cases, a Peripherals tab appears in the debug tool window when you start debugging. Load the appropriate .svd file for your board and select the active peripherals you need to see.
Pending, resolved, and invalid breakpoints
CLion 2019.2 now distinguishes three types of line breakpoints:
- Pending: Line breakpoint is out of the debugging session, which means the session hasn’t started yet or the corresponding shared library hasn’t been loaded yet).
- Resolved: Line breakpoint is successfully resolved by GDB or LLDB using the provided debug symbols, and can be hit during the execution.
- Invalid: Line breakpoint can’t be resolved by GDB or LLDB and can never be hit.
The types are detected automatically on the fly and the breakpoint icons are updated accordingly.
Completion for GDB/LLDB commands
If you prefer the command line interface of GDB/LLDB and use the debugger console available in the debug tool window, you will benefit from completion for GDB/LLDB commands. Use Tab or Ctrl+Space to invoke it.
This completion is powered by GDB or LLDB, respectively; CLion simply gives you access to the suggestions.
An experimental debugger for the MSVC toolchain
If you use the Microsoft Visual C++ toolchain in CLion, now you can try a new experimental debugger.
It’s implemented by the JetBrains team on top of LLDB and is bundled into CLion. To enable bundled support for native visualizers, use Settings | Build, Execution, Deployment | Debugger Data Views | Enable NatVis renderers for LLDB.
An experimental debugger is available when turned on explicitly: call up the Maintenance dialog (Shift+Ctrl+Alt+/) | Experimental features, and select to control it.
Memory View
When debugging your application, you can easily review the memory behind a pointer: in the Variables view of the debug tool window, press Ctrl+Enter on a pointer to invoke the Memory View. In 2019.2, we’ve updated the Memory View to make it even more useful.
Go to address
Navigate to a particular address in memory from the Memory View. Use the hex value representing an address, a pointer variable, or call the address (&) of any variable you are interested in.
Code completion will assist you with the known symbols.
If you are interested in the ASCII memory format, you’ll find the ASCII view in the column on the right of the Memory View useful.
Parameter hints
Thanks to parameter name hints in v2019.2, you can avoid switching to the function signature while exploring a function call. This in turn should help increase the code readability.
For function calls, lambdas, constructors, initializer lists, and macro expressions, CLion shows the names of the parameters for the passed arguments. This works if an argument is a literal or an expression with more than one operand.
Code analysis
Unused Includes
The ‘unused includes’ check is back and completely reimplemented on top of the Clangd-based engine. It suggests 3 detection strategies: a conservative one, an aggressive one, and the default one (Detect not directly used) which is the closest to the “Include What You Use” principle.
Clang-Tidy update
The Clang-Tidy bundled binary was updated to the newest version, which brings a set of new checks to CLion. This includes some new abseil-* checks, a few from the clang-analyzer-* group, several new modernize-* checks, and more.
Code assistance for .clang-format files
Since v2019.1, CLion has support for ClangFormat as an alternative formatter tool. Now, if you have customized your .clang-format config files in the project, you can benefit from code assistance when you update them.
Quick Documentation
To learn about any particular option, call the Quick Documentation popup (Ctrl+Q) and read the original documentation with samples.
Schema validation inspection
CLion validates the content of your .clang-format config file against the built-in JSON schema. If the option’s value doesn’t match the allowed value set, a warning will be shown.
Code completion
When customizing the .clang-format config file, you can benefit from code completion working for both options and their values.
Options description in completion
Code completion popup for option names also includes a short description of the option, so you can quickly check it while typing the option name.
Naming convention
New settings
The naming convention settings (Settings | Editor | Code Style | C/C++ | Naming Convention) were reworked to provide better flexibility and more opportunities. New settings like Visibility (Public, Private, or Protected) and Specifier (Const or Static) were added. We’ve also updated the rules to address several kinds of entities at once.
It’s possible to work with the new UI without using the mouse.
Leading snake case
As requested by CLion users, a new style – Leading_snake_case, which capitalizes only the first letter in the snake_case name, leaving the rest in lower case – is now available, along with the somewhat similar Upper_Snake_Case style and others.
Shell Script plugin
If you need to edit shell scripts while you are working on your C++ project, you can do this with CLion as it now bundles the Shell Script plugin.
You can benefit from code highlighting, word and path completion, and even textual Rename.
Syntax highlighting for new languages
CLion provides bundled profound support not only for C and C++, but also for Python, JavaScript, XML, and more, as well as providing plugins for Rust, Swift, and Kotlin/Native.
Have code in your project in other languages, such as PHP, Ruby, or C#? You’ll be happy to learn that syntax highlighting is now available in CLion for over 20 different programming languages!
VCS: Commit from the Local Changes
You can now commit directly from Local Changes tab. Just enable the “Commit from the Local Changes without showing a dialog” option at Settings | Version Control | Commit Dialog.
Use the Commit shortcut (Ctrl+K) and the IDE will select the modified files for the commit and focus on the Commit message field in the Local Changes tab of the Version Control tool window.
Performance improvements
There is some huge ongoing work in CLion to improve the IDE’s performance such as indexing, responsiveness, and elimination of freezes, among others. Part of this work is already included in v2019.2:
- The in-place Rename refactoring was reworked to eliminate lags and freezes.
- The performance of code completion for qualified expressions in the editor has been significantly improved.
- Collecting compiler information and thus loading the CMake step in remote cases was accelerated by reducing the number of I/O operations.
- CLion now warns you when Windows Defender is affecting the build performance and is able to automatically exclude directories from real-time scanning.
Rust plugin update
Another huge update for the Rust plugin brings a new experimental macro expansion engine. You can turn it on in Settings | Languages & Frameworks | Rust | Expand declarative macros.
This engine provides you with code insight features such as highlighting, name resolution, and completion for generated modules and methods from impl blocks. Besides this, it enables navigation in the macro calls.
Other changes include a Duplicate code fragments inspection for Rust, and other new quick-fixes and inspections.

Процедура лечения:

1. Установите программу;
2. Разместите файл jetbrains-agent.jar в любой удобной для вас папке;
3. Активируйте триальный период:
- Запустите приложение
- В окне активации выберите пункт "Evaluate for free"
- Нажмите кнопку "Evaluate" для получения лицензии на 30 дней;
4. Подключите файл jetbrains-agent.jar в параметрах JVM:
* В окне приветствия -> "Configure" -> "Edit Custom VM Options..."
* В открытом проекте -> "Help" -> "Edit Custom VM Options...", согласитесь на создание файла
В конец открывшегося конфигурационного файла добавьте строчку -javaagent:Абсолютный\Путь\До\Файла\jetbrains-agent.jar;
5. Перезапустите IDE, чтобы пересчитались параметры JVM;
6. Активируйте постоянную лицензию:
* В окне приветствия -> "Configure" -> "Manage License..."
* В открытом проекте -> "Help" -> "Register..."
а) Способ с сервером лицензирования (при работающем интернете):
- Выберите способ "License server"
- Нажмите "Discover server" для автоподстановки адреса, либо введите в поле адреса http://jetbrains-license-server
б) Офлайн способ с кодом активации (если доступа в интернет нет):
- Выберите способ "Activation Code"
- Скопируйте код из файла ACTIVATION_CODE.txt и вставьте в соответствующее поле
Нажмите кнопку "Activate" для применения выбранного типа лицензирования.
PS в файле hosts не должно быть записей для доменов JetBrains, иначе может не сработать лечение

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